From niche to mainstream

A blockchain is a distributed ledger, an online database shared among the nodes of a computer network, where a wide range of data can be stored. There are many different blockchains and many uses, most people are now familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) such as Bored Apes and Crypto Punks, the underlying technology is blockchain but blockchains are capable of so much more.


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Our Blockchain of Choice is BSV

Environmentally Friendly

Not just powerful and fast, but also the most eco-friendly blockchain


Capable of over 75,000 transactions per second

Data Carrier

Carries huge amounts of rich data including fiat money data, audio, image, video, game and social media data


Businesses rely on stability. Bitcoin SV has no downtimes and the protocol definition is set in stone.

Native Smart Contracts

Bitcoin Script is just as powerful as the popular Ethereum with sCrypt.


Supports NFTs, Stable coins, ownership certificates, tracking logs or CBDCs.


Extremely fast with no latency, transactions clear instantly


Provides an immutable record of all transactions, including smart contracts

Low Cost

Extremely efficient with transaction fees of $0.00001 per transaction. NFT creation costs around 0.0001$.


Facilitates micropayments and nano-payments thus opening the door to creating new industries

Regulation Friendly

Fully regulated and more secure than any other conventional payment system


Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin