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July 2022

17th July 2022

Global Blockchain Incubator Satoshi Block Dojo Announce New Partnership with Growth Platform Connectd

Satoshi Block Dojo ( announce their latest partnership, with Connectd (, a growth platform which allows investors to easily invest directly in technology start-ups.

Satoshi Block Dojo is a global blockchain incubator which aims to guide and grow early-stage start-ups, and help turn them into the next big thing, companies with ideas that will change the world.

Block Dojo seek out the best early-stage tech start-ups and through their support, guidance, extensive network and 12-week programme accelerate the development of start-ups’ and provide access to funding. All start-ups in the programme build their MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) on the BSV blockchain (short for Bitcoin SV) which allows for high transaction volumes, at very low cost, and is currently the most eco-friendly blockchain.

About 30 start-ups from all industries pass through the Block Dojo 12-week programme each year. The current ‘Cohort Two’ features start-ups implementing blockchain solutions for music licensing, MMA betting, concert reviews, HR tech, prop tech, NFT creation, online surveys, and more.

Connectd will offer advisory placements, fundraising masterclasses and a full 12-month’s access to the Connectd platform.

In the final week of the Block Dojo 12-week incubator programme, start-ups pitch to investors at a series of Investor Lunches, and culminating in a grand Showcase event. This exposure, alongside a highly engaged investor community on the Connectd platform, will help equip the start-ups to accelerate their next stage of growth.

Jay Gujral, MD of Satoshi Block Dojo UK, said “We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Connectd. Their platform is an excellent addition to the many benefits we provide to our cohorts of blockchain start-ups, and to our ever-growing investor network. Including our start-ups on the Connectd platform will make investing in them far simpler, and easier to access for all parties”.

Roei Samuel, Founder and CEO of Connectd, said: “Block Dojo are a dynamic company with so much expertise in tech and digital; the fact that they are focussed helping and guiding others with that expertise really resonates with me. At Connectd, we’re dedicated to helping start-ups get the advice, support and guidance they need too. Our offerings complement each other really well, and our partnership will be able to provide Block Dojo’s network with a comprehensive approach to growing their businesses.”

Satoshi Block Dojo:

Satoshi Block Dojo is a global blockchain incubator whose goal is to help turn early-stage start-ups into the next big thing, companies with ideas and products that will change the world. Seeking out the best early-stage tech start-ups, and through their support, guidance, network, and 12-week programme, they aim to accelerate the development of new companies and provide access to investment funding rounds. Satoshi Block Dojo plans to launch a new Miami Dojo in early 2023.


Connectd brings Start-ups, Investors and advisors together based on innovative smart matching technology, revolutionising the investment eco-system by democratising access to talent and funding. In addition, the imminent launch of ConnectdLegal will provide members with a hub to easily create and access documents including SEIS/EIS registration, advisory agreements, NDAs, and employment contracts, offering the most holistic solution for early-stage start-ups and investors alike.

May 2022

5th May 2022

Satoshi Block Dojo appoints its CIO James Marchant to the newly formed Global CEO role

James will take over the CEO reins of Satoshi Block Dojo from founder and original CEO Craig Massey, who will still remain as Chairman.

Like Craig, James is also a serial entrepreneur, and also with multi-million-pound business exits to his name.

The new Global CEO role has been created to spearhead Dojo’s expansion into new global territories as well as expansion of the business’ operations including a series of venture studios.

Satoshi Block Dojo is a BSV blockchain incubator, which takes early-stage tech start-ups through an intense 12-week programme, guiding and helping them refine and accelerate their digital products. At the end of the programme the start-ups are introduced to investors over a week of Investor Lunches, and thereby allowing the start-ups to scale up to the next level.

The incubator programme currently runs 3 times a year, with up to 12 start-ups in each cohort, incubating up to 36 new start-ups per year. Start-ups can come from any industry, so far they have included such diverse fields as music, MMA, NFTs, metaverse, gaming, real estate, ESG, surveys, payments, art and even adult. The Dojo sees the massive potential of blockchain to revolutionise almost every industry, and encourages founders with new and novel applications of the technology to apply for the programme.

The Dojo was set up in the UK in 2021 and has expanded rapidly, they are looking to expand their global footprint by taking their business concept to new territories, including the US and Far East.

James Marchant said “We are committed to opening a new Dojo incubator in Miami later this year alongside the launch of a new UK based venture studio. Further expansion plans include two new international incubators in 2023 and current targets include the Middle East and Asia as well as growing the venture studios to provide solutions for sectors that have approached us for help implementing BSV blockchain solutions“.

Craig Massey said “I am thrilled James has accepted the role, James is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of start-up and investment experience, as our former CIO he is exactly the right guy for the role, and to take Dojo global