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Game - changing founders

Justin Lyon

CEO Simudyne

Jana Hlistova

Commercial Leader, Founder

Eva Pascoe

Director of Ecommerce at The Retail Practice

Ken Valledy

Partner, Co-founder: Progressive | Author ‘The Startup Lexicon’​

Ian Cass

Director Compliant Solutions Ltd

Sylvia Smit

Co-Founder at AITIS

Paul Sheedy

Founder of 

Tony Pearce

Games, NFTs, Blockchain, ICO Entrepreneur, Mobile, Investor

Antonio Potenza

Executive Director, Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Adam Kling

Executive Director, Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Andrew Gerrard

Executive Director, Consultant, Senior Partner

Amanda Dickens

Co-founder and CEO, Visionnaires | Board Member| Coach | Mentor |
Director of Obythree Limited

Enrico Nonino CMO

Marketing, Strategy, Brand Partnerships

Alessio Scannicchio

Founder & CEO | Mentor | Investor 

Antonio Baccari

Partner & CFO at Feel Venture

Daniel Schonveld

Principal at Hamilton Lane

Ina Yulo Stuve

Head of Startup Marketing, UK & Ireland at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

emily Koolen

Startup Mentor, Advisor, NED, Speaker, Sports Mum. Neurodivergent

Priya Sinha Kenwood

Director and Trusted Strategic Advisor, Health, Public Policy, Digital and Innovation

Lorae Knight

Web3 venture builder, Early-stage consultant, Web3 host, Investor relations

JD Salbego

COO at Etheros Labs, Advancing DeFi, Techstars & Founder Institute Startup Mentor

Aidan Cartwright

Chief Technical Officer at OneSecurePlace Inc (OSP) and Tessa Finance