Meet the Dojo Mentors

Our Mentors

Mentoring is a key element of our programme, and our Mentors are individuals with deep entrepreneurial experience or relevant industry and investment skills. They volunteer their time without any expectation of reward or compensation, and they impact our start-ups and our entire network.

Their guidance helps and supports our start-up teams across multiple areas from technology, product, data, business models, logistics, pricing, customers, sales, partners, marketing & PR and of course blockchain related product- market-fit.

We have over 90 valuable Mentors in our community and we’re thrilled to introduce you to some of them:

Rick Nassar

General Partner & Growth Accelerator ​

Ken Valledy

Partner, Co-founder: Progressive | Author ‘The Startup Lexicon’​

Sol Enenmoh

Head of Digital Transformation for Vanquis Bank

Eva Pascoe

Director of Ecommerce at The Retail Practice

Dr Maximillian Korkmaz

Managing Director of P2P Software, Managing Director of Stabilwerk Bau

Ravi Ruperal

Director Platform Worldwide

Natascha Scholten

Venture Partner and Director​

Amit Khanna​

Partner at 7startup VC & Shoreditch VC

Ian Cass

Director Compliant Solutions Ltd

Joe Boggan

Mentor and Commercial Leader

Justin Lyon

CEO Simudyne

Kevin Covington

Company Advisor, NED, Mentor, EMCC Accredited Coach

Kevin Jackson

CEO & Founder, Keynote Speaker, Growth Specialist

Mel Tsiaprazis

Chief Commercial Officer, Bitstamp, Crypto Specialist

Paul Sheedy

Founder of PropTech

Peter Simeonov

Co-Founder at AITIS

Tony Pearce

Games, NFTs, Blockchain, ICO Entrepreneur, Mobile, Investor

Dan Diemers

Co-Founder & Partner SNGLR Group

Antonio Potenza

Executive Director, Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Andrew Stanton

Proptech Real Estate Influencer. Super Connector, NED

Guy Hipwell

Board Director, Business Mentor, NED, Digital transformation Expert

Jana Hlistova

Commercial Leader, Founder

Adam Kling

CEO & Founder of FYX Gaming - Blockchain Gaming and Platform Company

Andrew Gerrard

Executive Director, Consultant, Senior Partner

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