Fundraising & funding rounds

What is the typical process for a company joining Satoshi Block Dojo?

1st - Company Inception

The company will receive a ‘Golden Hello’ of £10,000 which they then invest in their enterprise.

2nd - Growth Phase

After they have successfully passed the 3-month intensive Satoshi Block Dojo Hot House – they will then be given the opportunity to pitch for £140k.

3rd - SEED Round

Successful start-ups have their SEED round in month 12 after company inception, around £1.3m – £1.5m at an approximate valuation of £5.5m.

New Investor Audience Platform Coming Soon

We’re currently working away in the background building a new investor-focused platform due for launch soon. The new platform will provide prospective investors with deeper and earlier visibility into each cohort of Dojo blockchain start-ups and enable more direct engagement between investors and start-ups. Watch this space, more details coming soon. 

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