The 12-week BSV Blockchain Incubator Programme

Incubator Programme

Our 12-week programme is designed to get entrepreneurs and tech-teams moving as quickly as possible on the BSV blockchain with lots of hard work, fun and hustle.

Starting a technology business is a mass of moving parts where founders typically find themselves needing to do multiple core tasks simultaneously and therefore find it difficult to focus on any single activity.

Hence the mission of the Satoshi Block Dojo is to cover off the multitude of tasks other than the product or solution so that the start-ups can progress at their fastest possible pace. 

We therefore want to fast track the development of the solution so that they can rapidly iterate their product to produce an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in the shortest possible time. The key components of what the Satoshi Block Dojo provides are:

Overview of the 12-Week Incubator Programme

We support, nurture and guide teams by creating a productive and engaging environment to learn and create great projects in, and with excellent Mentors, similar to incubator and accelerator programmes like Techstars. 

Our current programme is outlined below:

We continuously review our programme and listen to weekly feedback from our Cohorts so that we can improve and refine the programme for the current and future Cohorts. 


Legal Contracts

All legal contracts including shareholder agreement, client contracts and supplier agreements.


Financials including revenue models, bookkeeping, payroll, PAYE and SEIS pre-ruling.

Start Building

We can teach you how to build a website for your start-up with industry standard practises.

Pitch Decks & Analysis

We help you create pitch decks and train you how to present them to investors.


Golden Hello

You will receive £10,000 at initial signing, we call this the 'Golden Hello'.

Complete Set Up

We provide office space, legal work, mentoring, technology license packages and training.


£140,000 if you pass the first 3 months intensive Incubator Programme.

Additional Funding

Opportunities for £1.3m - £1.5m SEED round within 12 - 18 months and follow-on rounds.


Proven Track Record

The founders of Satoshi Block Dojo have a proven track record of tech start-ups and subsequent exits so have created a chronological project plan for the greatest possibility of success.


This includes product, team, development, marketing, sales, financials, fundraising, governance and operations to hit milestones and deliverables.

Hive of Activity


Fun, informal and friendly environment with the Sastoshi Block Dojo team.


Working alongside other BSV blockchain start-ups – so great peer learning and collaboration from each other’s best practices.

Weekly Training

Weekly training programme from topics in the Learning Resource List.

Zero Cost

Zero cost to start-ups while in the Satoshi Block Dojo.


Specialist Help

We match-make the start-ups to mentors who will then commit to weekly check-ins.

90+ Mentors

Tap into the help and advice from our large network of specialist advisors.

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