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The Deal

₹500,000 Cash Investment
₹10,000,000 Value of the Dojo Programme
₹18,000,000 Partner credits
10% We take 10% equity in each start-up
and many more

Programme Value

Potential Clients

We source interested clients to provide immediate feedback

Financial Model

We clearly articulate your business in numbers that investors understand

Pitch Decks & Analysis

We help you create pitch decks and train you how to present them to investors

100+ Mentors

We match-make startups to mentors who will then commit to weekly check-ins

Seed Round

We work with you post-programme to arrange your seed funding

Office Space

We provide office space.

Proven Track Record

The founders of Block Dojo have a proven track record of tech startups and subsequent exits


Fun, informal and friendly environment with the Block Dojo team


We introduce founders to relevant investors to secure pre-seed funding

Problem Solution Fit

We ensure your business solves a real-world problem


We have in-house experts to support with all aspects of your design solution

Clickable Prototype

We support the creation of your clickable prototype by week 12

Programme overview

Welcome Day

An exciting day to meet the Dojo team, other founders and begin bonding.

Orientation & Blockchain Overview

Action packed week which includes orientation from the Programme Director, ‘speed dating’ with the Dojo staff and a deep dive into blockchain!

Problem Focused

Time to put your startup idea through its paces with the Lean Startup sessions on problem valuation and competitor analysis! Is your idea the best idea? Will it appeal in investors? Will it make money? We put your solution through it’s paces to challenge and refine it!

Customer Focused

Know your customer! This week focuses on identifying and seeking out your potential customers and how to build a community.

Mentor Magic

A week of intensive match-making, meeting over 10 mentors per day and see where sparks fly!

Financial Modelling

Includes an intensive session with financial modelling expert, Steve who will work with you to create an in-depth financial model

Blockchain & Solution Focus

Time to start building your MVP! Our in-house designers will help you create wireframes. Introduction will be made to the nChain development team.

Branding & Marketing

First impressions matter, so a week to focus on all things visual about your brand, website and product to help you and your startup look professional and investable!

Startup Fundraising

Beginning with a ‘Fundraising 101’ from UK Investment Director Gareth Hawkins and the beginnings of pitch training.

Communication Focus

Intensive pitch training to get you ready to be put in front of investors!

Investor Refinement

Your pitch and pitch deck will be reviewed by the Dojo team to help you shape up further.

Completion of the Clickable Prototype

A clickable prototype ready to show investors!

Investor Communication

Know your worth. We will help you to value your startup and communicate the key differentiators to investors.

Negotiation & Closing

We will support you in talking with investors and helping you to close your first round of investment.

Investor Lunches
& Showcase Day

The culmination of the 12-week programme is our investor pitch event where you will pitch for £140,000. We bring together some of the most active and well known investors in the world from prolific angel investors through to active early stage VC and family funds. Many of these investors will have been tracking your progress throughout the programme. We’ll support you every step of the way when pitching to, and engaging with investors.

Typical start up journey

Join Block Dojo

After the Dojo selection process, you’ve made it!

The first few days we’ll support you in forming your new startup ready for the Dojo programme

Master 12 Week Programme

Learn, meet mentors, and shape your startup in Block Dojo’s world

Validate ideas, focus on customers, and build a community

Create an MVP, optimise UX/UI and solve real-world problems

Master finance, create pitch decks and ace investor presentations

Pre-Seed Funding Round

Network at investor lunches and shine at the startup showcase

Impress investors and secure your SEIS pre-seed round to start your journey post-Dojo

Grow Your Startup

Use your pre-seed funding to grow your team, enhance your product and win customers.

Raise Seed Funding

Showcase achievements, prepare for a new funding round and captivate investors

Impress VC firms at seed demo day and secure your next round to fuel your growth

Scale for 12-24 Months

With proven traction and revenue you will continue to build your team, refine your product and transform your Dojo startup into a global business

Series A Funding

Three years post-Dojo you are now an international venture ready for your largest funding round to date

We have over 100 valuable Mentors in our community, find out who they are

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