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Mentors are esteemed members of our close-knit community and we work hard to ensure that you will always feel comfortable, valued and important. We recognise that much of the start-up’s early successes may be as a direct result of your generous time and effort spent with them.

As blockchain technology is now recognised as the next tech evolution then as Mentor of our Dojo programme you will be at the cutting edge of this new technology and review game-changing innovations which could be at the forefront of current industry trends.

Additionally being a part of the Dojo means you will have exposure to the most dynamic early-stage companies and be able to invest in those at the most advantageous SEIS stage.

In return we recognise that you will bring deep industry knowledge and expertise to significantly impact our Cohorts. The great news is that as our start-ups are just that, your breadth of experience will be gratefully received by all our eager founders.

Your guidance could provide support and help across multiple areas from technology, product, data, business models, logistics, pricing, customers, sales, partners, marketing & PR and of course blockchain related product-market-fit.

We recognise your achievements to date and also your great personal network. Of course, we would really appreciate, where appropriate, you sharing those relevant contacts, hopefully to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Our ideal Mentor relationship is one where you are passionate about the success of your chosen company and are therefore willing to devote roughly an hour a week over the 12-week programme, to be a sounding-board about various issues to hopefully aid their eventual success. If you have great chemistry with the company, then the ideal outcome for the Dojo, is that you have an ongoing relationship, after the 12-week training course has ended.

If you would like to apply to become a Mentor please complete the following form: