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Our mission is to educate, train and elevate start-up entrepreneurs to the highest standards, by providing best-in-class mentors, and teaching with the latest tech tools.

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Satoshi Block Dojo
Launch Event

We hosted our first event in London, August 2021.

A Japanese themed networking event fueled by BBQ, Sake and Asahi beer.

Bitcoin SV is set to power the global micropayments economy and foster a new generation of tech entrepreneurs, new business models and new companies.

Bitcoin SV Advantages


Vastly more powerful network and is the most Eco-Friendly blockchain.

Data network

Carries huge amounts of data and the protocol is set in stone forever.

Low costs

Significantly faster with no latency and very low transaction costs.

Regulation Friendly

Fully regulated & more secure than any conventional payment system.


Facilitates micropayments and nanopayments, creating new industries.


Provides an immutable record of all transactions, including smart contracts.

Explainer Videos

Please watch the following videos about the Block Dojo startup incubator.